FIRE Tornado September 11 2012

ASFTV’s fire tornado news coverage put many news outlets in a bit of a....well, whirl.

Years later licensing enquiries continue from e.g. The UN meteorological Agency in Geneva, The US National Centre for Climate Research, BBC Natural history unit, The Arizona Museum for Youth, Ripley’s “believe it or not” Publishing in London, NHK Japan,  ex - U.S. Vice President Al Gore, World Book Encyclopedia in New York...and so it goes....

“startling phenomenon”  Huffington Post

“nabbed the world’s attention”  WPTV Florida

“ extraordinary”  CNN

“Flaming spectacular”  The Sun London

“Shocking pillar of fire”   China Daily

“Raging swirl of heat and wind”  Metro  London

“Stunning shots”  The Express Germany

“Incredible video” Good Morning America ABC Network

“roared like a jet fighter” Metro TV news Indonesia

“a rare natural phenomenon”  Yahoo Russia

“ stunning images” New York Daily Post

“exceptionally rare video” Gizmodo Japan

“...just look at this swirling column of fire..”  Smithsonian magazine

“rarely documented” National Geographic website


.Gif of the event

Global news coverage overview

Wild Footage    

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